The Book Pile

Writing is kind of fun, but it’s helluva lot of hard work, let me tell you. I prefer to read. And today my luverly husband brought me back a large bag of science fiction and romance novels from a yard sale. I can’t wait to dive into them! Don’t you just love a man who is confident enough to buy romance novels in front of his entire community?

The book pile groweth!


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4 Responses to The Book Pile

  1. Diane Dooley says:

    First up is “Highland Wolf” by Hannah Howell.

    “Hannah Howell returns to the breathtaking Scottish Highlands with the unforgettable Murray Clan and the stunning Annora MacKay who cannot resist the desire an alluring stranger offers…”

    So, will Annora take on the ENTIRE Murray clan? God, I hope so!

  2. AJ O'Donovan says:

    omg i might cry if that’s your actual bookshelf. i found your site from the galazy express and look forward to hearing more from you. anyone who likes lost my heart to a starship trooper must be cool lol

  3. Mac says:

    Interesting article.
    You frequently think up the most useful stories and as usual The
    Book Pile | is simply no different!

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