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Five Romance Novels in Five Days

I’ve been reading a particular line of romance novels, thinking I might target my next romance novel squarely at a possible publisher. It seems, that in order to garner interest from this particular publisher, I must do the following: 1. … Continue reading

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Why Do I Write Horror?

This is a question I don’t really know the answer to. I don’t read much horror – an occasional classic or Stephen King just about fills that need. I don’t watch much horror – especially the currently popular style that seems to … Continue reading

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A Living Masquerade

It is my pleasure to participate in the AW October Blog Chain. The theme is: Masquerade. Diane Dooley is not my real name, you know. I have to have a separate name/ identity from my professional name/identity. It’s true – … Continue reading

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I LOVE This Blog: D.A. Confidential

Why do I love this blog? Because it’s damn good, that’s why! I’m interested in the law, I’m interested in why people commit crimes, I’m interested in the people who work as part of the judicial system – and this … Continue reading

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The Cover Art of Gini Koch’s ‘Alien’ Series

I’m a sucker for a beautiful cover. It’s hard to describe what exactly will appeal to me, but one thing I know I love is color, glorious color. I really enjoyed the first book in this series – Touched By … Continue reading

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Under the Skin I’m a Book Hog

I’m a voracious reader. I mean that. I’m an absolute pig when it comes to books. It’s not unusual for the chores to go undone, with the children running wild and the husband asking for clean underwear, while I’m in a corner … Continue reading

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