25 Little Words

I am again joining  the blog chain with the good folks over at Absolute Write. This month’s theme is hint fiction: a story of 25 words or less that hints at a larger, more complex story. The challenge seems easy enough…until you try it.

I decided to combine this challenge with another one. I’ve been trying to get cracking on the third part of a trilogy I’ve been working on, but couldn’t find the perfect place and way to start this part of the story. The first few sentences need to be able to do exactly what hint fiction aims to do: hint at the larger, more complex story. But it also has to hook the reader into wanting more. So, did I achieve my goal? Would you keep reading from this start?

Destin Grady gazed upon the vibrant beauty of San Francisco, his birthplace. It was his first visit since ordering it carpet-bombed so many years before.

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17 Responses to 25 Little Words

  1. Aimee Laine says:

    Ah, to go back to the ‘scene’. 😉 Well done!

  2. Rob G says:

    Wow. Nice twist.

  3. Eliza Tilton says:

    carpet-bombed? Hmmm : )

  4. Me-likey…especially since I know who Destin Grady is even!

  5. ad. says:

    I’d definitely keep reading — it’s a hook that won’t let go of my collar.

  6. Re Gypsy says:

    Mmm carpet bombed. Okay curious who’s Destin Grady?

  7. JaneH says:

    Great contrast between the first and second sentences. It makes the reader re-read immediately. Nice one!

  8. alexp01 says:

    A fine hook. This particular bass is already caught!

  9. I love the barbed hook! Nicely done.

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  12. Proach says:

    Very good hook, Diane. Hmmm, carpet-bomb. I’m officially intrigued to know where this story is going to lead.

  13. J Elyzabeth says:

    I still don’t know who Dustin Grady is.
    This would make me go read the first two, just to find out what happened.

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