Fun With The Alter Ego

I contribute over at The Galaxy Express on a  regular basis, writing in the guise of my alter ego, Agent Z., Intergalactic Spy and Professional Troublemaker. She’s tons of fun to write, being that she’s addicted to Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters, skimpy outfits, sleek spaceships, science fiction romance novels and totally unsuitable men. Z. is outrageous, opinionated, and, more often than not, drunk. Yep, she’s totally fun  in a Sybil kind of way.

I not quite sure what Heather Massey, conductor of The Galaxy Express, sees in the wench, but she has seen fit to compile a Best of Agent Z list. Missions to Planet Gor, fights to the death over the Hunger Games vs. Battle Royale controversy, cute sci-fi hairstyles, what your heroine is really thinking, and exactly how many gargle blasters can Gini Koch drink: these are just some of the topics Agent Z has tackled over the past couple of years.

The only problem with writing Z. is that she is always trying to take over. Like the time she decided that I was a figment of her imagination instead of vice versa. Yeah, it gets a little confusing sometimes, but life is never ever dull with an alter ego like Agent Z. Does anyone else have one? Any tips for keeping ’em in line?

Be seeing ya!

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7 Responses to Fun With The Alter Ego

  1. JLC says:

    I haven’t had one… yet. 😉 However I do get angry with my muse and yell at her when she isn’t cooperating. 😀

  2. Diane Dooley says:

    Oh, you have a muse? I’ve always wanted one of them!

  3. Can we get Agent Z and the Danger Gal together for a Gargle Blaster party?

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  5. Ah, I have a Muse, too. Fun-loving and bit of a trickster. But she puts up with no excuses. If I don’t BIC, she gives me the cold shoulder.

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