Spring is Sprung and Other Stuff

Finally! It was a warm day today, with the icy wind finally banished (hopefully) and my daffodils valiantly trying to burst forth. It’s a long and brutal winter living in Upstate New York and this winter has been even harsher than usual. It’ll soon be time to get out in the garden and start planning my vegetable garden. Tomatoes, bell peppers, spicy peppers of all kinds – I can’t wait!

I have all kinds of shrubs and plants in need of pruning, separating, re-planting. It’s going to be a busy summer.

I’m pretty pleased with myself for keeping this blog going over the winter. One of the nicest things about blogging is getting to know others and their blogs. There’s such a lot of interesting stuff out there to read and comment on.

This last week I was invited to contribute guest posts to a couple of blogs. The Galaxy Express specializes in all things science fiction romance. I’m not a stranger to this blog, having contributed several times as my alter ego, Agent Z.  I think this might be the first time I’m contributing as “the real me.” I’m discussing Jacqueline Lichtenberg’s sci-fi novel, Dushau, and I’m in full-on geek mode. If you can possibly believe that… Feel free to check out my post and leave a comment.

One of the toughest things about the writing business is  coming to grips with the fact that you will be rejected. Frequently. I’ve certainly had my share and know that I have many more to come. It’s just a fact of the business. It can be hard, though. So I’ve contributed a list of my top tips for handling rejection over on Julia Knight’s blog. She’s hosting a series of posts for the aspiring writer and newly-published writer and I’m happy to be able to help out. Again, feel free to go check the post out and leave a comment.

Oh, and make sure you say ‘hi’ to Julia. Or babble at her in pirate language. She likes that sort of thing.

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4 Responses to Spring is Sprung and Other Stuff

  1. JLC says:

    Great post on handling rejection! Not only do you write Sci-fi but you garden too? Are we Twins or something? (Shh- don’t tell Melanie I said that.) 😉

  2. Trisha says:

    Rejection hurts, but it makes us stronger! So they say 😉

    Daffodils are so pretty! I always loved them when I was a kid too!

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