Book Giveaways Are Us!

Books, books, books. One can never have too many books. Even though I’ve had to move the kids into the big closet to make room for my books in their now former bedroom, that’s okay. Books are important.

A book habit can get kind of expensive, especially when one now has a Kindle requiring regular downloads.  So I’m glad to announce some giveaways going on right now. These can be a source of free reading and a no-money-down way to try a new-to-you author.

SciFiGuy is hosting a giveaway of Heather Massey’s Once Upon A Time In Space until May 18th. All you have to do is comment on a book you read that pushed the boundaries.

The Galaxy Express is hosting a giveaway of my own e-novella, Blue Galaxy. Just tell me who your all time favorite science fiction villain is. Maria Zannini’s Apocalypse Rising is also available to win. Just tell her the thing that most frightened you as a child. Comments are being accepted until midnight, May 20th.


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  1. Thanks for the link love!

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