My Top Five Terrible Writing Habits

All writers have them. I’m going to be flat out honest and tell you mine.

1. Undisciplined: I really should be finishing up that chapter, but it’s a beautiful day outside and I really would rather be playing baseball. *grabs mitt*

2. Easily distracted: I really ought to polish this scene, but hubby came home and he really is great company. *grabs husband*

3. Adverbose: I really must get out of the habit of splattering my prose with adverbs, but the English language really could use more interesting verbs. *grabs thesaurus*

4. Comma splicer: I really, really should remove, at least, five, maybe four, of the commas from this one dainty, little sentence, but they’re so damn pretty. *grabs editor*

5. Internet addiction: I really need to get this novel started, but, ooh look, there’s a terrific website completely devoted to ways to waste time on the internet! *grabs valium*

Anyone brave or stupid enough to share theirs? C’mon, make me feel better.

P.S. I really should stop using “really” so much.


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12 Responses to My Top Five Terrible Writing Habits

  1. Dale Long says:

    I’m guilty of 1, 2 and 5.

    Well, maybe not 2 exactly. Maybe 2 should have an amendment, a 2a, where husband can be substituted with wife, or the kids getting home, or traffic on the road or… Ooooo squirrel!

    Ok, I suffer from 4 as well.

  2. Dale Day says:

    #5 hits me where it smarts!
    I’ve got two projects to finish and a whole lot of work on some old books.
    But, here I am.

  3. Laurel says:

    I’m the worst with 5. My blog and Absolute Write are my top internet vices.

    As for the writing itself, I tend to split myself in too many different directions at once. I’m horrible at starting a new project before I’m done with my current one(s). I can’t seem to commit to working on just one at once. Three or four is usually where I end up. It’s not good.

  4. JLCwrites says:

    This is a good idea! Stacey recently did a post on guilty pleasures that I wanted to do too. Now I have two weeks worth of post ideas!

  5. Sealey says:

    I’m guilty of 5 for sure. AW and being my biggest online time sucks 😛

    But other than that, not too bad with the discipline thing. In fact the opposite. I force myself to write (or outline or brainstorm, if it’s not possible for me to write) every second that I’m not either sleeping or working. I exhaust and frustrate myself when I *should* be grabbing the mitt, or getting outside–or anything else–to just break away, to let the ideas etc. come to me.

    Second biggest issue: writing something, getting it published, then not telling anybody about it LOL. No one can sabotage my writing career as well as I can 😉

    Third biggest issue: Not enough description. I’m nearly all dialogue most of the time. I tend to keep the description in my head for some reason and then get frustrated when my readers can’t “see” what I’m talking about.

  6. Sealey says:

    *calls out* Diane? Diane?

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