Five Guilty Pleasures

I’m stealing this meme from the lovely JLC, who stole it from the delightful Stacey, who probably stole it from someone else. If you decide to steal it from me, please link to your post in comments. I’d love to see who else is feeling all yummy deliciously guilty.

#1 – Booze. Yep. Booze. My very strict and naggy doctor says I can’t have it anymore, so on the rare occasion I ignore my doctor’s orders I feel terribly guilty. BUT. A delicious ice-cold margherita on the rocks (no salt) on a hot summer’s evening is too perfect a beverage to give up forever and ever. Or a hot toddy when suffering from a miserable cold in the middle of winter. Or a perfectly crafted hoppy ale amongst good company. I’ll take the guilt and the pleasure. Then I’ll lie to my doctor.

#2 – An over-stuffed pantry. Sounds weird, I know, but I grew up in a family with many, many children and I really hated the feeling of being hungry, going to the cupboard and finding it bare. I regularly over-shop, then over-stuff the pantry. I feel guilty because I know many cannot afford to do this, but the pleasure I take in the feeling that my family will never go hungry is too much for me to resist. I also like to spend time rearranging everything, running my fingers over all the lovely vittles. I need help.

#3 – Nail polish for my toes. I have the ugliest hobbity feet. I also have deformed toenails from them being run over by people in wheelchairs for the past twenty years. The only thing that makes them look a little less hideous is pretty colors right on the ends of those nasty things. I know I don’t need all those bottle of nail polish. I know I don’t need to buy any more. But look! Narrow your eyes, make them go out of focus, turn to the side and glance real quick at my feet. Aren’t they purdy?

#4 – My children’s bedtime. Look. I love those guys. I love them to bits. But when they’re safely tucked up in bed, heavy-eyed and exhausted from their active day; when I turn off their light and close their door, I have to admit: pleasure. Finally, I have some time to myself. I also have to admit guilt. How can I love them so much and yet feel so happy when they’re finally asleep? Bad, selfish mommy me.

#5 – Competitive sports.  I ain’t gonna do yoga or pilates. You couldn’t pay me enough to get on a treadmill or an elliptical. But wave a bat or a ball in my face and challenge me to something? I will run myself into a coma in my attempt to defeat you. It’s not that I’m good at sports, ‘cos I’m not. I’m forty-four, overweight and usually don’t know the rules. But something in me still seems to believe that I’m still lithe and strong. I’m still a contender, dammit! Anyone up for ping pong? I promise to not leave treadmarks on your face. Sorta.


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6 Responses to Five Guilty Pleasures

  1. I don’t have kids, and even I can see that number 4 is a totally understandable feeling. No reason to feel guilty for wanting some time to yourself!

    Hmm…me? so many things I enjoy. I don’t like the term, “guilty pleasure”. If it brings me pleasure, and doesn’t hurt anyone else, why feel guilty about it? 🙂

  2. JLCwrites says:

    Love them all! I can identify with your last one, only with different sports. Just Saturday I was riding my mountain bike and pretending that I was actually on a competitive course. Imagine a middle aged housewife with a wide butt draping over a bitty bike seat racing through bushes like she was on a BMX course. It’s a wonder people around me weren’t laughing. They were probably horrified. Thanks for the mention! I’d be more than happy to have a drink with you!

  3. Diane Dooley says:

    Oh, I’d have LOVED to see you on your bike!
    We MUST have that drink together some day. Shhh! I won’t tell your doctor if you don’t tell mine.

  4. Diane my post is up on my guilty pleasures if you want to stop by and see what they are at Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories today. I “stole” it from you back at first of month but the post did not air until this morning…

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