The Bookpile: Vacation Reading Binge

The best thing about vacation? Time to catch up on my reading!

First up was Cathy Pegau’s Rulebreaker. This was a really cool sci-fi heist story. Charming grifter, Liv, gets pulled in on the job of a lifetime by her roguish ex-husband. All  she has to do is charm her way into the trust of corporate honcho, Zia Talbot.  And then things get complicated. And then they get very dangerous. Lots of twists and turns in this one. Such a fun read!

Next I read Ros Clarke’s Reckless Runaway at the Racecourse. A contemporary romance in an unusual setting. Unconventional Fliss gets her life saved by stuffed-shirt racehorse trainer, Luke. She’s not his type at all, but he falls madly in love with her anyway. Fliss, however, is not the settling down type of gal. How will they reach their happy ever after? A delightful and charming love story.

I veered out of romance reading  to tackle Ian McEwan’s Amsterdam. A Booker prize winner, apparently. It’s a dark and funny book about four absolutely awful Brits who all once loved the same trollop. It was so mean. I loved it.

I had to follow that up with, of course,  some zombie/time travel shenanigans withBella Street’s The Z Word. A group of shallow twenty-somethings get sucked out of their West Hollywood lifestyles and into the wilds of Montana, where they are pursued by disco-dancing zombies. I think you might have had to experience the 80’s to get all the jokes and references in this one.  Full marks for sheer audacity!

And then it was headlong into some military sci-fi with a love story. KS Augustin’s War Games was a treat. I loved how nuanced the characters were in this one. The heroine is a war criminal. Her love interest is an impassioned idealist. The villain has honest reasons for his nefarious actions. I love stories that rise above the simplicity of the good guy/gal versus the bad guy/gal, and this story kept me on my toes all the way through.

And then I finished up the book binge with an old skool romance by Robyn Donald – A Summer Storm. Gosh, the romance was so old-fashioned. Oriel thinks she’s the ugliest thing ever and tells everyone so, but she actually looks like a super model. Blaize is borderline psychotic who insults, torments and assaults his lady love. I don’t know what they saw in each other, but, somehow, I couldn’t stop reading. And, oh, Robyn Donald is so beautifully descriptive of the New Zealand setting. I swear, she had me right there in that glorious place, watching these two nincompoops fall into co-dependency.

I had one more book to read, but Mother Nature keeps conspiring against me. I took Gini Koch’s Alien in the Family camping with me a few weeks ago. I left it on the picnic table and it got drenched during a thunderstorm. I got it all dried out and took it on vacation with me. Guess what happened. I left it on a picnic table and it got drenched again. So, I have it back in front of a fan. I’m not letting it out the house again. Dang book can’t stay out of trouble.

What are you reading right now? I’m off on vacation again soon and will need a new pile o’ books to read! Recommendations, anyone?

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8 Responses to The Bookpile: Vacation Reading Binge

  1. Cathy Pegau says:

    Thanks, Diane : ) And now I get to add to my TBB/TBR pile!

  2. Nuanced. A true compliment, Diane. Thank you!

  3. Say, are you on Twitter?

  4. Ros says:

    Thanks for the review! So glad you enjoyed it.

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  6. Dale Long says:

    When I’m writing, I can’t read but I’m trying to. Right now I’m into two totally different books, Robert J Wiesma’s Bedtime Stories and Elizabeth Tyrrell’s The Strangling Angel.

    Just finished Dacre Stoker’s Dracula The Undead and I have to say I struggled with it. If one likes paranormal romance, they may like it, but when it’s billed as the sequel to Dracula… nope.

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