The Continuing Story of a Song

It’s time for the AW Monthly Blog Chain again. I love doing these things. They serve to force me into exercising my writing skills. This month’s prompt was particularly challenging for me. My writing muscles are aching!

This month’s prompt: The Continuing Story of a Song

Step 1: Choose a song. It can be any song, vocal or instrumental, but you have to know what it’s called and who did it. If you really want to spin the roulette wheel, use the random function in your music player. Bonus points for finding and linking a YouTube video or other (legal) source. The song should be one you like and doesn’t have to be related to anybody else’s pick.

Step 2: Continue the story. Read the post before yours and continue the story in any direction you see fit. Your continuation must be based on, inspired by, or in some other way influenced by your song choice. Be prepared to explain it in the comments section!

My post definitely makes more sense if you read the story from the beginning. Click the links from beginning to end to experience a bunch of writers trying to collaborate on a story. I loved experiencing the different writing styles and wondering where the hell the story was going to go next. I’ll update the links as the chain continues.


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Here’s my contribution to the story:

Chris stared at the girl, her nightgown drenched in seawater and splattered with blood. This couldn’t be happening. Maybe someone had slipped some drugs in his drink? Maybe he’d gone insane?

The child continued to smile at him. No. Not at him. At something behind him. He whirled.

Alison stood there, smiling fondly at her daughter. She turned to Chris. “You came here looking for someone.”

Chris nodded.

“Here.” Allison held out her hand. “I have a gift for you.” She placed something hard and cold in his hand.

Chris looked down. In the palm of his hand lay a finger, blue and swollen and still with the remains of pale pink polish on the nail. At the base of the finger was a ring. Silver, with a glittering green stone which sparkled and swirled in the neon glow.

“No!” Chris dropped the finger, stumbling backwards. “No!”

It was the ring he’d given to the girl. The exquisite creature he’d met here years ago; the one he’d promised he would return for. He remembered that final night with her, she draped in a silken sheet, her body bathed in moonlight,  eyes glittering as green as the ring. Her whispered threat of the terrible things that would happen if he failed her and how he had kissed her and soothed her and told her he would be back for her within six months.

This was no drug-fuelled nightmare. This was real.

Chris turned and fled into the darkness. Behind him the scene erupted in gunfire and screams.

He ran, not knowing where he was running to, unsure of what he was running from. Heart pounding and sweat dripping from every pore, he plunged into the ocean, the cold rush clearing his mind.

He felt hands on him, pushing him down, forcing him to inhale a great gasp of the ocean. He twisted and struggled, finally managing to get on top of his adversary. He shoved its head into the wet sand as the foamy waves broke over them. It struggled, writhed, faded, died.

Chris pulled the dead body from the ocean and stared at it. Its face was covered with sand, but there was no mistaking that slight body; no mistaking that nightgown.

Dear God. No. Not the child. Please, not the child.

He heard a vicious giggle and looked up. Allison.

“I’m so sorry. Your daughter. She attacked me. I didn’t know it was her.” He got onto his knees, his arms wide, pleading.

Allison laughed again. “Not my daughter,” she said. “Yours. Never bothered to come back, did you? Never even knew you’d impregnated our precious girl. Never cared.”

“No,” Chris muttered. “No,” he screamed.

Allison smiled, her eyes flashing. “You just murdered your only child.” Behind her, dark shadows were gathering, the air filling with threatening murmurs. Mosquitoes buzzed and waves crashed as Chris lost control of his bladder, the hot urine pouring down his leg to puddle at his knees.


This was inspired by PJ Harvey’s song and amazing live performance of “Down By The Water.”


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16 Responses to The Continuing Story of a Song

  1. Dale Long says:

    Holy poop…

    Stunning. Great song choice too.

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  3. April says:

    Ooooh…great! Oh man, it’s my turn now…I’m not sure I can live up to what’s come before mine!

  4. I came SO close to pulling up exactly that song. I think it fits so much better here! Wow, …”forget about it, it’s Chinatown!”

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  7. Nicely done. I love that you brought the finger back into it (and the ring 🙂 ). Great twist with the girl being his daughter, and the timing of his rendezvous-gone-wrong.

  8. Hillary says:

    An amputated finger _and_ a pool of urine ending? Diane, you’re taking this to the next level!


    Seriously, this is great. The emotion is intense and immediate. And the revelation was so unexpected!

  9. alexp01 says:

    Oh, poor Chris! Things started so well for him, and now he (and I, the reader) are horrified at the sudden and terrible turn things have taken.

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  14. Darkshore says:

    Jaw dropping revelation, gotta love it.

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