Wanted, wanted: Agent Z.

My troublesome alter ego, Agent Z.,  has escaped again. She ended up in a brothel somewhere in the Sombrero Galaxy. I know this because her drunken interview with the sassy Gini Koch has just been posted at The Galaxy Express. If anyone should run into her please bash her over the head and return her to me hogtied and helpless. Her picture is to the left to help you identify her.

Warning: she is armed and dangerous. Do not accept drinks, gifts or bribes from her.

Z. – if you’re reading this, you’d best get your butt back here. And please return my new boots and the family silver. And my husband.


About Diane Dooley

Writer, Mother, Geek
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4 Responses to Wanted, wanted: Agent Z.

  1. JLCwrites says:

    Oh Z, you sassy minx! Behave! (but not too much). 😉

  2. Luke Walker says:

    You can borrow my boots if you want. Although be warned, I have very big feet.

  3. Diane Dooley says:

    That’s very kind of you, Luke, but I’m pretty sure your boots just will not do.

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