On Reading and Writing Novellas

I’m blogging about novellas today at Contact – Infinite Futures.

What is a novella? Science Fiction writer, Robert Silverberg, described it thus:

“One of the richest and most rewarding of literary forms…it allows for more extended development of theme and character than does the short story, without making the elaborate structural demands of the full-length book. Thus it provides an intense, detailed exploration of its subject, providing to some degree both the concentrated focus of the short story and the broad scope of the novel.”

Stephen King described it as:  “an ill-defined and disreputable literary banana republic.”

Any thoughts to add on the subject? Please click over to A Novella Renaissance? to read more and share your thoughts.

Carina Press is having a sale on select novellas for the month of November. My own Blue Galaxy is one of these, as well as many other fun and interesting stories.  Can’t beat a $1.99 price tag!

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7 Responses to On Reading and Writing Novellas

  1. Your timing is interesting. I JUST posted in a FB thread about novellas stating that I was developing a newly found appreciation for them. I stocked up when Evernight Publishing was having a 75% off sale, to try a bunch of new authors. They’re like truffles–little infusions of heavenly decadence, enough to savor but not overwhelm.

  2. kayemanro says:

    Exactly Claire! I do agree. (I have read Blue Galaxy and liked it a lot. It’s worth the 1.99 for sure.) I write novellas too. Diane, I’m going to hop on over to Contact and visit.

  3. JLC says:

    I’ve been thinking about going smaller than a novel lately. I’ve been working on this WIP for a year and I keep being interrupted by life and…my short attention span. I don’t feel length has anything to do with quality. A great story can be found in 5 words or 500K. It is all in the delivery.

  4. I love novellas. As far as I know, they’ve remained consistantly popular in Europe. It would be nice if they had a big comeback in the US. It’s such a terrific form. Plus, the size is perfect for carrying in handbags and such.

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