The Reading Child

I always had my nose stuck in a book when I was a kid. I would read pretty much anything I could get my hands on, but I did have some particular favorites. Today I’m talking about three children’s books that particularly influenced me over at Sara-Jayne Townsend’s blog.

S.J. has been writing a lovely series of posts in which she remembers some of the wonderful books she read as a child and I was happy to be able to join the conversation. Please do pop over and check out her blog and my guest post.

Happy reading!


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6 Responses to The Reading Child

  1. ralfast says:

    Oh I remember so many stories that I read as a child. It what made me a writer today.

  2. JLCwrites says:

    Im discovering Roald Dahl now as an adult, reading chapter books to my munchkins. My husband thinks they are a bit disturbing, but the kiddos and I are enjoying Dahl’s “darker side”. He is a great writer, and his bio is interesting too!

  3. Diane Dooley says:

    Yes, we’re working our way through Roald Dahl’s kids stuff. He wrote for adults, too. Twisty, dark tales with lots of humor. I’m a huge fan.

  4. magic mint says:

    I was just thinking of James and the Giant Peach today.

  5. Dale Long says:

    I credit The Hardy Boys and Alfred Hitchcock’s Three Investigators as well as Farley Mowat for sparking my need to read. And before that Dr. Suess (seems kinda fitting).

    I never read Roald Dahl’s stuff, but one of my collegues said my character in Echoes reminds her of a Roald Dahl character so I had to look him up. Now I’m sorry I missed out on him in my youth.

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