Interview and Giveaway with Author Regan Summers

I am delighted to welcome Regan Summers,  fellow Carina Press author, to my blog. Her debut novella, Don’t Bite The Messenger, released last week to excellent reviews and I’m really looking forward to reading it. If the book has only half the sass and humor of the author I won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy the interview, read the blurb and feel free to enter the giveaway.

Thanks so much for agreeing to the interview, Regan!


Dooley: What’s your writing process? Do you outline or make it up as you go?

Summers: I do a brief outline to ensure my ideas have legs, and adjust it as I go. Outlining, for me, cuts down on large-scale rewrites, which I equate to performing spinal surgery on a creature you’ve never before encountered. It might not even have a spine, but you won’t know that until you’ve broken it open, then there are fluids squirting everywhere and the nurses are throwing up and…anyway, I prefer to outline.

Dooley: How long have you been writing? What made you start?

Summers: Since I was young, five or six. I’ve always been an avid reader, and my first stories were attempts to take characters I loved on further adventures. I just couldn’t let them go. Coincidentally, we didn’t have a TV while I was growing up.

I’ve been writing with the intent to publish for about four years.

Dooley: Good news. We have unlimited funds. Where should we go on vacation?

Summers: YESSSSS. Best news I’ve heard all…oh. This is a hypothetical, isn’t it?

Give me about six months to formulate an answer. Half of this time will be spent setting it to the tune of “88 Lines About 44 Women” by The Nails.

Dooley: What books are currently on your nightstand?

Summers: Richard Kadrey’s Aloha from Hell and Elizabeth Hand’s Generation Loss. Also, Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon. I read it years ago and my three year-old is fascinated by the cover. He’s a cyberpunk baby.

Dooley: What are three things you love about living in Alaska?

Summers: The mountains, the laid-back attitude (yes I would like to wear jeans to the symphony, thank you) and eating salmon an hour after it’s pulled from the water.

Dooley: Who or what inspires you as a writer?

Summers: I’m inspired by the power of the stories. The ability of words placed in a singular order to distract and amuse or transport until the reader loses all track of time and place. I don’t claim to have mastered the art fully yet, but I hope that I entertain and that a few lines linger in the minds of my readers.

Dooley: If you were to travel backwards in time, which historical era would you choose to live in and why?

Summers: Probably the eighties, because I have a pretty good coke nail going. Just kidding (my coke nail is terrible right now). I don’t love the idea of living in the past on account of the social inequality, disease, and lack of readily-available Asian fusion cuisine.

Dooley: What was one of your favorite books from your childhood?

Summers: Robin McKinley’s The Hero and the Crown. It remains one of my favorites.

Dooley: My kids want to ask you a question: where do you get your ideas?

Summers: Hello, Dooley-kids!

Most of my stories came from scenes that developed in my mind while I was spaced out, either at the day job or while trying to fall asleep. The initial scenes could be as short as a couple of seconds: a man standing in a cold, stone room, seeing a branded arm reach around a curtain; a woman struggling to get her cell phone to work while magic and fire leak out through her pores.

Then follows a non-linear series of “what if” questions. What if he thought that arm belonged to a servant and, instead, it belonged to a queen? What if the fire overcomes her before she can make this critical call? If those moments stay in my head long enough, beating out the shiny new ones, I feel obligated to find a story into which I can fit them.

Dooley: What’s up next for Regan Summers?

Summers: I’m finishing writing the sequel to Don’t Bite the Messenger, which has been so much freaking fun! And I don’t say that about all my stories. *shakes fist at the misshapen novel bubbling in the corner*

After that makes its way toward my editor, I’m going to put together a few proposals to review with my agent. Sometimes it’s best to throw your shiny ideas at someone else’s feet and ask which looks brightest.

Thank you so much for the interview, Diane!

Dooley: Absolutely my pleasure, Regan. Best of luck with your writing career.

Now you’ve met Regan it’s time to meet her book. Here’s the blurb:

Anchorage, Alaska

The vampire population may have created an economic boom in Alaska, but their altered energy field fries most technology. They rely on hard-living—and short-lived—couriers to get business done…couriers like Sydney Kildare.

Sydney has survived to the ripe old age of twenty-six by being careful. She’s careful when navigating her tempestuous clients, outrunning hijackers and avoiding anyone who might distract her from her plan of retiring young to a tropical, vampire-free island.

Her attitude—and immunity to vampires’ allure—have made her the target of a faction of vampires trying to reclaim their territory. Her only ally is Malcolm Kelly, a secretive charmer with the uncanny habit of showing up whenever she’s in trouble. Caught in the middle of a vampire turf war, Sydney has to count on Malcolm to help her survive, or the only place she’ll retire is her grave…

Doesn’t it sound great? Regan is giving away an e-copy of her novella. To enter the giveaway just answer this question: which fabulous place would you take me and Regan on vacation? 

You can keep tabs on Regan in the following places:

Twitter       Facebook       Author Website       Goodreads 

You can purchase Don’t Bite The Messenger at Carina Press and all the usual online retailers.


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20 Responses to Interview and Giveaway with Author Regan Summers

  1. Cathy Pegau says:

    Great interview. You crack me up, Regan : ) Love the new take on vampires.

    If I’m taking the two of you on a vacation, it had better be a place with a good selection of alcohol and a better selection of male entertainment.

    Congrats on the book, Regan! Wishing you much success!

  2. Kricket says:

    Awesome interview!

    And I’d take you two somewhere tropical, like St. Thomas or something, on a cruise. 🙂 We all need some warming up right?

  3. Diane Dooley says:

    I like the way you think, Kricket!

  4. CobraMisfit says:

    Hilarious as always, Regan. Looking forward to Messenger 2.

    Also, remind me to never have you conduct spinal surgery on me.

  5. Wait…you’re not supposed to wear jeans to symphonies everywhere? >.> Oops.

  6. Tori says:

    Loved the interview Regan. Your novella was quite awesome too!

  7. Dale Long says:

    Oooo.. I love the concept! A lone human in a society of predators, knowing a wrong move or misstep and she’s food.
    I love your technique, where a picture presents itself and you throw the 5 Ws at it until it fleshes out. Very much the same way I do it.
    I’m still learning the whole outline thing and I don’t think I’ll ever embrace it fully, popcorn writing it way too much fun, plus having nurses faint and my floor covered in gore is never a bad thing in my genre 😉 It’s kind of a prerequisite.

    Thanks Regan and Diane!

    • Diane Dooley says:

      Yeah, but where are you taking us on vacation, Dale?!

      • Dale Long says:

        HAHAHA!! Real, or hypothetically?
        Real, well I can send postcards for you to live vicariously through…
        Hypothetically? I’m not much on flash, so If I were tour guide, I’d take you to Newfoundland. Show you gals Signal Hill and have a lobster supper.
        If I were to go were I want to go… Key West, on a beach, shrimp on the grill, margaruita in hand and laptop in lap. Or England to follow in the footsteps on my chracters and Mary Shelley.
        Please opt for real, it’s all I can afford…

  8. First, much congratulations and future success to you! The book sounds great.

    Let’s see…I’d take you and Diane to Bruges, Belgium. My friend was recently there and she described it as a fairytale city full of chocolate. 🙂

  9. Thank you, Tori!

    Very well, Dale, we will take the postcards…and the margaritas. Can you attach them to the postcards somehow? 🙂

    Thank you, Gypsyscarlett! And…I will take covered wagon if I have to in order to get to a fairytale city full of chocolate and beer. Seriously. Where do I find one?

  10. Great interview. I got my copy and am getting ready to click “next page” from page 1 on my Kindle. Honestly, I think Regan needs to compile all her witty tweets into a book. They are as fresh and fun as her vampire concept story.

  11. Oh geez, Claire. I’m not sure I want to see my day to day ramblings. I’m quite content to let the tweetstream carry them away. … Or am I? 😉

  12. Diane Dooley says:

    And the winner is…



    Regan will be in touch. Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to visit and leave a comment.

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