Update from A Busy Little Writer Bee

Ah, February. Thou art so short, but so damn demanding. I’m really packing it in this month. It’s been the kind of month where I have to constantly keep  re-prioritizing my to-do list, which grows lengthier every day.

First up is my conversation with Heather Massey, the bold navigator of The Galaxy Express. We’re a geeky pair, for sure. Here’s a link to our conversation on ‘Sex Scenes and the Male Gaze,’ in which we tear in to Robert Appleton’s ‘Sparks in Cosmic Dust‘ with unseemly gusto. Appleton’s a good sport, by the way, and a hell of a writer. Check him out.

Next I shared the very sad story of how I did a terrible thing and ruined a wonderful writer for myself. Please read about the tragedy here so that you might avoid the same mistake. While you’re at it have a click around on the Contact: Infinite Futures blog. There are some very entertaining authors posting on a regular basis.

I’m just getting ready to start in on edits for Mako’s Bounty, a short science fiction/romance novella soon to be released by Decadent Publishing as part of its 1Night Stand series. I’ve previously shared excerpts from it  here and here. Click the links to meet the two main characters. It was so much fun to write this one.

I should also soon be receiving edits on Blue Nebula, the second in the trilogy that started with Blue Galaxy, published by Carina Press. Here’s an excerpt from Blue Galaxy and here’s an excerpt from Blue Nebula, which continues the story in Blue Galaxy, this time from Sola’s point of view. I’m still writing the third and final installment. It’s tentatively titled Blue Planet and continues the story from Destin’s POV. Here’s an excerpt.

If you are a reader and fan of science fiction romance, please do check out the Science Fiction Romance Brigade Fan Page on Facebook for all the news on new releases, blog tours, giveaways, reviews and interviews with your favorite SFR authors. If you’re writing SFR and would like to connect with other writers of the sub-genre, please use the contact form to let me know. The SFR Brigade needs you!

February is also Women in Horror Month. I have an interesting array of posts planned to celebrate. If you’re a horror fan please do check in on this blog throughout this month. I know you’ll enjoy what I’ll be offering. Incidentally, if there are any horror writers out there who would like to contribute a guest post on the topic or would like me to check out their related post, please use the contact form to connect with me.

Thanks for reading. And now – time to tackle that to-do list from hell!

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7 Responses to Update from A Busy Little Writer Bee

  1. “Hectic” must be in the stars. I published 7 books from my grandmothers backlog and I am about to publish one of my own in a few days. But it’s nice to be busy. LIKED SFR brigade.

  2. Hazel Higgins says:

    wow, a busy time indeed for you! I’m eagerly anticipating reading Mako’s Bounty, your extracts really whet my appetite 🙂 Good luck with it all x

  3. Dale Long says:

    That’s awesome… and bads news… and well…

    When there are no ideas and projects I find myself dragging around the house like time has stopped, but when they come fast and furious like you’re having right now, it’s exhilerating and time is too short. I’m in that boat now too. Well you know what they say, misery loves company…

    Go get ’em Diane!

  4. Kaye Manro says:

    You are extremely busy! Glad to hear about the books coming soon. Lots of Irons in the Fire this month. So glad you are doing the facebook thing for all of us. Thanks!

  5. Hey, Diane. I’m really looking forward to those Blue sequels, so i can “dissect” the trilogy with equal unseemly gusto. ::rubs hands together::

    Only kidding. Blue Galaxy was a lot of fun, and your Sparks conversation piece with Heather was brilliant, I thought. Made me LOL *and* melt my laptop screen with fury at the same time. Not bad going.

  6. Luke Walker says:

    Looking forward to the Women In Horror stuff, Diane. 😉

  7. Good luck with the edits! And I’m looking forward to the posts on female horror writers!

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