Dooleying Around the Blogosphere

That sounds kind of rude, doesn’t it? Ahem. The Galaxy Express has revealed the cover art for my upcoming release, Mako’s Bounty (March 13th, Decadent Publishing). Go check it out – it’s so pretty! I’m currently organizing a blog tour and will post the blogs and dates as soon as I have everything finalized. There will be giveaways *grin* so please do check back in.

Today I’m over at Contact: Infinite Futures blogging about our regular family movie night. Back to the Future was a big hit. Click on over to hear more about it.

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4 Responses to Dooleying Around the Blogosphere

  1. I’m up for a blog tour!

    Wait, what’s a blog tour?

    My problem is I don’t understand the difference between blog hop, blog tour, and blog chain! 😀 But I’m all about learning.

  2. Dale Long says:

    Dooleying around the blogosphere doesn’t sound rude, it sounds cool. Don’t even know what it means, exactly, but it sounds cool and rolls off the tongue.

    Wow two books?! Aren’t you busy. Maybe you could spare some time for The Author’s Voice sometime?

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