Mako’s Bounty: The Story Begins

Mako’s Bounty will be releasing from Decadent Publishing (1NightStand Line) on March 13th, 2012. It’s a novelette: short, sassy, sexy and with gobs of bawdy humor. Here’s a sneak peek at the opening. You can add the book on Goodreads or check out another excerpt on the publisher’s site. Blog tour and giveaway details coming soon!

* * *

“About freakin’ time!” Mako Dolan cursed as Flight Control gave final clearance to bring her Zebra One Eighty into the bay at Lunar Station. Damn place was always so busy with ferries and amateur day trippers from Earth. She guided the craft in at a little over legal speed, performing a nifty maneuver to ensure she docked softly as a whisper.

The comlink blinked on. “Two hundred credit fine for speeding.”

Damned overzealous employees with nothing better to do. She needed her cred balance to be going up, not down. “You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me, Dockie.”

“Knocked off a hundred for the sweet maneuver. Take it or leave it.”

Mako heaved in a deep breath to get her temper under control. “Acknowledged, Dockmaster.” She flicked switches until her beloved Zebra quieted then patted her armrest. “It’s been a long haul, Zebbie, my sweet. Ya did good. Time to rest.” She walked back to the empty hold and fondled the manacles and chains bolted to the bulkhead. Won’t be empty much longer. “I’ll be back soon, Zebbie. With company.” Hitching her backpack over one shoulder, she strode to the dockmaster’s office, kicking the door open with her grav boot.

The pimply youth behind the counter raised his hands in mock surrender. “Not me who fined you, miss. Honest!”

He wasn’t quite so young or scared that he failed to give her a quick up and down with his eyes. Noting his leer, she tossed her log on the counter. “I don’t give a shit, sonny. Just get me processed as quick as you can. I gotta be somewhere else soon.”

The youth shuffled through her log book. “Makiko Dolan. Bounty Hunter. Everything seems in order.” He removed her lectrocard and ran it through a scanner. “Approved.”

She snorted. “Well, of course I’m approved.”

“Who are you chasing?”


Nosy little shit. “No one. I’m on vacation.” She placed her palm on the scanner. “Dock fees, refueling, miscellaneous charges from my business account.” Noticing the red-faced young man ogling her, she bent over the counter, bringing her six foot frame down to his level and allowing him a glimpse of cleavage. “Wanna do Mako the Shark a little favor, sonny?” She smirked at him.

He nodded, turning even redder.

She played with the zipper of her flight suit, tugging it down a little. “Is there a ship called The Gagarin in dock?”

The boy dragged his gaze away and tapped into his ’puter. “Yeah, docked sixteen hours ago.” His eyes went back to her jumpsuit zipper.

She pulled it up to her neck. She’d saved herself a long walk around the docks. “Thanks, kid.” She hitched her backpack over her shoulder and headed toward the ferry terminal.

I’ve been chasing you for nine months, you bastard. And now I’m only sixteen hours behind. Grinning, she licked the sharp little teeth that had helped to earn her nickname. Not long now, Mamma. Not long ’til I can claim that bounty and get you out of that freakin’ mining colony.


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7 Responses to Mako’s Bounty: The Story Begins

  1. Sealey says:

    So excited! Bring on the bawdy. 😀 Marking it a to-read today.

  2. REALLY good. I really like your style of writing, too.

  3. Kaye Manro says:

    I LOVE it! And I can’t wait to read it!

  4. Diane Dooley says:

    Thanks, everyone! *grin*

  5. Kiru Taye says:

    A lovely excerpt, Diane. It looks like a fun read. And congrats on your book release!

  6. Dale Long says:

    HA! That Mako is quite the character.

    Fasten your seatbeats, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride, and I love it!

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