Busy Is As Busy Does

Hello! I’ve been a bad little blogger, but I really needed to take a short break. I’ve been crazy busy. Edits are complete on Blue Nebula, a sci fi novella and the sequel to Blue Galaxy. It’s scheduled for release from Carina Press in September of this year.  First round edits are complete on That Night, a contemporary romance novella, scheduled for release in December of this year by Wild Rose Press.

I’ve been heavily involved with a freelance writing project that is very close to my heart, and have cut down on my fiction writing until I have more of the freelance project complete. I wish I could either write faster or there were more hours in the day. Many of those hours have been taken up with settling our adopted pooches into their new home. They needed quite a lot of love, training and patience, but now Shyla and Scooter are firmly ensconced in the family bosom.

Strangely for me, I’ve been watching a television show. I can’t stand watching on regular TV – tuning in at a set time every week, seasons ending on awful cliffhangers – so I wait until a show I fancy is over, then watch it at my own rapid pace via DVD. I blogged about my ongoing addiction to Smallville over at Contact: Infinite Futures – the Carina Press authors’ SF blog. Check it out!

I’ve been on a lengthy reading binge. My book pile has been groaning, but I put a serious dent in it over the last month and I’m firing myself up to write some reviews for my favorites. I’m also planning on interviewing a few up-and-coming authors and having some guest post here, too. Stay tuned!

I built my own website – not bad for someone who still remembers typing with carbon paper. I still need to do some more work on it, but it’s here if anyone wants to check it out. I’ve also been learning about Skype and video blogging for a super secret project I have coming up. The learning curves are seriously kicking my butt. And I’ve been horrified to discover just how funny-looking I am on video. I guess the charitable word for my personality is ‘animated,’ but goshdarnit, I had no idea I had so many goofy facial expressions. I’m working on it. *grin* I’m also working on not waving my hands when I talk and controlling my absolutely filthy laugh and potty mouth.

It’s been lovely having time to click around exploring other folks’ blogs. Most are linked to in my blogroll. Today’s discovery was the blog of Fatihah Iman. It’s called Equal Rights: On Writing, Race, Religion and the Occasional Well-Deserved Tea Break. Lots of fascinating opinions from a feminist Moslem Brit with a well-developed sense of humor. Great stuff! If you like her blog be sure to follow her on Twitter. The gal’s a pistol!

Phew. Well, that’s my update. What have y’all been up to?


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13 Responses to Busy Is As Busy Does

  1. Luke Walker says:

    Sounds like you’ve been busy. Good stuff. Keep it up. And looking forward to hearing your laugh.
    As for me, I’m editing one of my books, thinking about the edits for another one and reading a lot. Currently reading one of the books you’ve got a picture of above (not the one by Roger Hargreaves) and wondering who I’d cast in the film of the other. So all pretty usual for me.

  2. Diane Dooley says:

    Oh, are you reading White Horse? I’d love to hear your opinions of it.

  3. Luke Walker says:

    We’ll have to talk privately. I told Alex I wouldn’t tell her anything until I finish it 😉

  4. Alex Adams says:

    Hahahahahahaha! Oh, the humanity, Luke!
    Skype is the flaw revealer, that’s for sure. I always wince when I have to use it. 😀

  5. Sealey says:

    Ha! I have also recently gotten back into Smallville. And I also have a new pooch. Which is actually the reason why I’ve gotten back in to Smallville. LOL It’s the only interesting thing on TV at 5am when puppy gets me up :/

    Site looks great, Diane! And, as you know, I am SO excited for Blue Nebula to come out. You are busy, but you are productive. Keep it up.

  6. Great to hear what you’ve been up to. Much congrats on the new book coming out! And I am verily interested in this new, secret project.

    Aww…what kind of pooches are Shyla and Scooter?

  7. Dale Long says:

    Whoa! You ARE busy. But fun busy, satisfying busy. Always moving forward. Good on you!

    I’ve been wearing too many hats and am losing track of some of them BUT, my christmas story is polished and ready to submit, just waiting for the illustration to be finished (read, original polished to new and improved skill set).

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