Blue Nebula: Coming Soon…

Blue Nebula, the sequel to Blue Galaxy, will be released by Carina Press on September 24th of this year. Here’s the cover art and blurb. What do you think?

Sola de la Vega is on a mission to save the galaxy, and nothing will sway her. Not even the pleas of her beloved husband, Captain Javan Rhodes, to keep herself and their unborn child safe.

Fitted with a series of technological “enhancements” entwined with her central nervous system, Sola is not fully human. Her father is the undisputed leader of Earth, and Sola is driven to put an end to his genocidal rule—before he can follow through with his plans to consolidate power over the universe into the hands of the aristocracy.

Despite Javan’s fears for her safety, and coping with a difficult pregnancy, Sola’s quest has become an obsession she cannot control. Compelled to choose, duty must come before her love for Javan. And when Sola joins forces with Destin Grady—her father’s sworn enemy—in a plot to execute the dictator and seize power, she soon uncovers secrets from
the past that have her facing a future she never could have imagined…

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11 Responses to Blue Nebula: Coming Soon…

  1. Jessica Subject says:

    I absolutely love the blue theme of your covers! Blue Nebula is another great one! Congrats! 🙂

  2. robertappleton says:

    Excellent cover and blurb, Diane. Looking forward to this.

  3. Great cover just like your other books. And Congrats! 🙂

  4. It sounds great. And I also love the cover. Beautiful and sensual in a subtle way.

  5. Sealey says:

    *does cartwheels all over Diane’s blog*
    Very excited! Genocide, pregnancy, and a *sworn* enemy. Three of my favorite things to read about/write about. 🙂

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