Oh, No! My Alter-Ego Escaped Again!

*sigh* I’ve been busy and failed to keep my usually close eye on my alter-ego, Agent Z. She managed to escape and has been up to all kinds of drunken and inappropriate activities, including kidnapping author Cathy Pegau and subjecting her to the universe’s most dangerous alcoholic beverage and a plethora of questions.  *sigh* She also took over The Galaxy Express. Temporarily, I’m glad to say. You can see the carnage here: Agent Z. Interviews Her Newest Bestest Friend.

Thankfully Heather Massey managed to get the situation under control. Please do visit to enter the fabulous giveaway. I apologize to Cathy and Heather. I’ll try not to let it happen again, but Agent Z. is a slippery little minx! I’m going shopping for more security devices. Darn alter-egos are troublesome!

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1 Response to Oh, No! My Alter-Ego Escaped Again!

  1. Libbie says:

    Agent Z, you spacescamp, you.

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