Release Day for Blue Nebula!

Days like this seem so far away when you’re writing a book. Mostly  you’re focused on getting a story out of your head and onto a computer’s hard drive. The fact that others might read it some day doesn’t seem real at that point. It doesn’t feel real until a publisher says “yes, we like this,” and even then the day seems very far away. Rounds of edits: developmental edits to strengthen the story, line edits to polish the writing, copy edits to give it a final polish – all of which may consist of more than one round.
Reviewing the back cover copy and getting that first peek of the cover art, planning the promotion schedule. As all these things happen, then finally it starts to seem real.

That’s when, for me, the nerves kick in. The last few weeks before release day, I get progressively more anxious, thinking “the book sucks, I suck, no one will actually want to read the damn thing,” and my poor husband has to keep reassuring me, patting me on the back and telling me everything will be okay. Release day itself comes as such a relief. People will read it. There’ll be bad reviews and good reviews and ambivalent reviews. *shrug* It’s all out of my
hands now. With only a few promotional things left to be done all the hard work and the waiting and the anxiety is over.  That’s why I LOVE release days.

Thanks for popping by on my latest release day. Help yourself to a glass of fine champagne. (Yes, Luke, I have several different types of beer just for you.) Blue Nebula is the sequel to Blue Galaxy, both from Carina Press.

Big thanks to my husband, Mike Dooley, for EVERYTHING, to Alison Dasho for the stellar editing and to the rest of the Carina Press team, and to my dear friend and fellow author, Sealey Andrews, for beta reading, encouragement and laughter. I’m a very lucky author!


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16 Responses to Release Day for Blue Nebula!

  1. Luke Walker says:

    Yay! Congrats. And thanks for the beer. All we need now is a bag of dry roasted.

  2. Dale Long says:

    Congrats Diane! I think it’s just rewards for grueling through the editing process. Getting the story on paper or into the computer is one thing, getting it there in a form pleasing to the reader and yet remaining true to the author’s vision, is another thing entirely.
    A salute from the literary trenches to one who’s cleared the wall.

  3. Diane Dooley says:

    Thanks, Dale! Looking forward to your first release day. It’ll be one hell of a party!

  4. Congratulations, Diane!! Off to nab my copy now! Many more sales for ya!

  5. Sealey says:

    Pshhh. You worry too much. 😀 Seriously, though, I’m really focusing in on this word “release”. I bet it’s as much an emotional release day as it is an actual book release day. I’d cry buckets if I were you, simply because I’d been stressing out so much–not that I want you to cry buckets–don’t cry buckets! Really.

    Congrats, Diane! I am totally hooked on this series now and want the next one. So…yeah, get to work. 😉

  6. Jessica Subject says:

    Congratulations on your new release, Diane! Many sales! 🙂

  7. jccassels says:

    Congrats on the new release, Diane! I have been eagerly anticipating this one. Off to nab my copy before someone else gets it! 🙂

  8. Ros says:

    Virtual champagne is almost as good as the real thing! Congrats and hope it sells beyond your wildest dreams!!

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