The Art of the Cover

WiHM 2013 seal-blackI’m a sucker for an alluring cover, so I’ve made a gallery of some that have caught my eye recently. Do you have a favorite cover of a book of darkest fiction by a woman? Or is there currently a wonderful cover trying to lure you in? Let me know in comments. I’d love to see more. I’m particularly fond of very cheesy gothic horror covers, but I’ve spared you by only posting one. Which, if any, of the covers are tempting you to read the story?The Yellow WallpaperThe Drowning Girlthe haunting of hill houselast-man-mary-shelley-paperback-cover-artwhite trash zombie apocalypseWide-Open_Deborah-Coates ink-damien-walters-grintalis-paperback-cover-artthe wrong gravesufferthechildrencover-blood-otherwhite horse by alex adamsgrindinghouse-kaaron warren



seed by ania ahlborn




book- of the damned


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10 Responses to The Art of the Cover

  1. I love to collect book cover art–especially since I also design it. I’m partial to the atmospheric covers. I like the surreal moodiness they create.

  2. Sealey says:

    When I was a little girl I have the very distinct memory of fingering the covers of V.C. Andrews books while waiting in the line at the grocery store with my mom. They were always in the impulse buy section there. I was *FASCINATED* by them. Great idea, Diane! Of the ones you posted, Seed is the most intriguing to me now.

  3. I bought Seed based on the cover. Still haven’t finished it, but damn…love the cover.

  4. Laurel says:

    Whoa. I’m most drawn to Seed and Dark Places, although I couldn’t say why. They seem to evoke mystery and darkness, both of which are pretty cool.

    I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for those broody-girls-in-pretty-dresses covers all over YA PNR these days. I do not know why. Usually I’m strong-willed enough not to buy them based on the covers alone, but they’re so pretty…

  5. J Elyzabeth says:

    Of the covers you have show, I’d have to say “Dark Places” looks interesting. Though honestly for me, I look at the spines when I browse the book store and the library. If the font and the title can catch my eye, and sometimes if the cover just peeks around the spine it may interest me.

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