Celebrating Women in Horror: Links of Love #1

WiHM 2013 seal-blackWomen in Horror Month is off to a great start. As I read the articles and posts  I’ve been struck by one thing: just how deep and broad the genre is. There are so many different flavors of horror and every one has their fans.  Here’s a sample of what I’ve been reading about women in horror this month:

From the Celebrating Women in Horror Blog Chain:

The Girl in the Soap Dish gives us a post detailing the reasons she celebrates Women in Horror Month, then follows it up with a review of ‘Anna Dressed in Blood.’

Glitter and Gore waxes lyrical about the ‘Call of the Grotesque,’ while CrunchyBlanket takes on The Walking Dead’s Andrea.

Imaginary Friends announce the intention to showcase fictional kick-ass heroines of horror this month, kicking off with Buffy, the character that has seemingly served as inspiration for a whole new generation of female writers, including SelmaW., who mourns the misuse of the character Kate Lockley in Buffy spin-off, Angel.

My own contributions to the chain were the official WiHM blurb, a growing gallery of gorgeous book covers of dark fiction by female writers, and a guest post, Victims or Survivors, from author, Luke Walker.

From my reading this month I’d like to share some links I found interesting around the old intertubes:

An oldie but a goodie, from Terence Rafferty of the New York Times: Shelley’s Daughters.

Quote: “…in the nearly two centuries that have passed since this teenage English girl delivered herself of the first great modern horror novel, men — as is their wont — have coolly taken possession of the genre, as if by natural right, some immutable literary principle of primogeniture.”

Kweeny Todd: The Demon Blogger asks ‘What is Feminine Horror?”

Quote: “And my response to people who say in condescending tones, “This horror movie is a girl’s movie,” is this: “AND? It’s a good fucking movie. Shut up and watch it!””

The Horror celebrates Women in horror Month with an excellent post, No Ordinary Ghosts. 

Quote: “But what you may not know is that women have been highly instrumental in the developmental history of Horror – and not because our gender looks better in a flimsy nightgown and can scream loud enough to stampede shellfish.”

Firbolg Publishing joins the conversation with a post about why they think a month dedicated to women in horror is still a necessity.

Quote: “In many horror novels and films, women are depicted as the objects of violence, yet the blinders are still on in regard to their input as artists, authors, directors, and special effects people.”

Hope you enjoy these links of love. Stay tuned to my blog for more posts celebrating Women in Horror Month. 

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2 Responses to Celebrating Women in Horror: Links of Love #1

  1. Thanks for all the great links. You triggered a great discussion among a group of writers I hang out with. The interplay of gender and genre is one of my abiding interests, and it is always good to find others who pay attention to that intersection.

  2. Diane Dooley says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Kate. I couldn’t be more delighted that the links triggered such a discussion. That’s what this month of focusing on women in horror is all about.

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