Celebrating Women in Horror: Links of Love #2

WiHM 2013 seal-blackWomen in Horror Month is chugging along very nicely, with scads of  interesting material being presented and with more to come.

From the Celebrating Women in Horror Blog Chain:

Glitter and Gore tackles The All Female Horror Casts of Susperia and The Craft, with future installments planned on Silent Hill and The Moth Diaries.

Brittany Maresh kicks off her contributions with a list of 13 Women in Horror who had a significant impact on her. She continues with a post on Middle Grade Horror books with female protagonists, and then a third post, An Interesting Mistake,  in which she  muses on the previous post, and how it was assumed by several people that these aforementioned books were all written by women.

Shara continues her focus on Kick-Ass Women in Horror with Alice of Resident Evil and Ripley of Alien(s), while The Girl in the Soap Dish reviewed Feed by Mira Grant, and put up a gallery of alluring cover art, inviting you to Judge It By Its Cover.

My own contributions consist of Love and Horror: Thoughts on the Gothic Romance Novel and a guest post from horror author Dale Long: The Long Reach of Mary Shelley.

From elsewhere around the blogosphere:

Sumiko Saulson provides us with a list of 20 Black Women in Horror Writing.

Quote: “…while women writing horror is a rare occurrence – women of color are exceedingly so. The number of black women writing horror that most people are aware of can still be counted on one hand.”

Saulson then goes on to create a list of another 21 More Black Women in Horror Writing.

Librarian of the Dead features and interviews Women in Horror Comics: Nancy A. Collins.

Quote: “Nancy A. Collins, has not only written for a variety of horror comics, she is also a horror novelist best known for her Sonja Blue vampire series. The first book in the series, SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK, won a Bram Stoker award for Best First Novel. Unlike some other paranormal fiction, Nancy’s vampires are as they should be: vicious killers.”

And there’s still more to come! Please stayed tuned throughout February for more posts celebrating women in horror. 




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