The Galaxy Express: A New Direction

GalaxyExpressLogoSmallerI can hardly believe it’s been almost eight years since The Galaxy Express blog made its debut. And that for all that time, Heather Massey has sharing her love of science fiction romance, never seeming to run out of material. Over the years I’ve been a somewhat irregular contributor myself, both as Diane Dooley, and sometimes as my irascible alter ego, Agent Z.

But now it’s time for a new direction. With the advent of Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly, there was a great deal of overlapping work Heather was doing for both the mag and the blog. It seemed the time was right for melding the two entities. And so we give you Galaxy Express 2.0, which will continue the work of The Galaxy Express, though with three regular bloggers: Heather, myself, and Kaz Augustin.

The Galaxy Express, and it’s deep archive of everything Sci-Fi Romance, will stay up and available to all. It’s a tremendous resource for all SFR readers and writers (and the search function works great – I use it regularly).

We hope you will join us at Galaxy Express 2.0, where there will be a minimum of three posts per month. See you there! And do please leave comments!

Heather – As a writer and a reader, THANK YOU for all the amazing work you did bringing attention to what was once a small sub-genre. Your dedication, passion, and work ethic have always been an inspiration to me.



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  1. eternalised says:

    Good luck with The Galaxy Express 2.0!

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