The Joy of Waiting Tables

Ever waited tables? I have. In three different counties. It doesn’t really matter where you go – it’s still the same. A mix of lovely people and utter assholes, misbehaving children and lecherous drunks. It’s a job most people can do, but few can do well. No doubt, we all have our tales of ineptitude and rudeness by those who serve us with (hopefully) a smile. But this story is not about the customer. This story is about a waitress. She loves her job. She just doesn’t love all her customers.

“Served” is now up at An Electric Tragedy. Scroll down. It’s the last story in the issue.

For a mature audience only and warnings for extreme                                                                 grossness. Enjoy! *grin*

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8 Responses to The Joy of Waiting Tables

  1. jacabur1 says:

    I especially got grossed out on the last customers meals, the little “extra” that she put in their sauce turned my stomach and luckily it is not lunch time. (funny that the salty “extra” made me smile and the “red” extra made me sick!) Thanks for the read Diane, it reminds me of the movie with Ryan Reynolds and his merry band of hooligans who take their mistreatment by customers a little “personally” as well..

    I was a waitress/cook/cashier in my hometown Dairy Queen for over a year and although we never had customers quite so “aggressively obnoxious” there were a couple who deserved some “extra” in their meals too!

  2. Diane Dooley says:

    Heh, I already got a message from my poor sister who was eating her breakfast (or trying to) when she read it. I think I’ll highlight the warning a bit more.

    I got two rejections on this story saying “gross, but not gross enough.” LOL!

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Laurel says:

    Gross, but my kind of gross. Well done! (And I’ve seen worse, if you can believe it. Have you seen “Dumplings?”)

  4. Diane Dooley says:

    Thanks for the link, Laurel. I’m gonna put it on my Netflix list and wait until I’m in just the right mood.

  5. Luke Walker says:

    That was disgusting. I enjoyed it a lot.

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