My Short Stories

Here are links to my published short stories, as well as links to short fiction I published on my blog. Feel free to click the links, read the stories, leave a comment, or whatever. I hope you enjoy.

If you’re tempted to try some of my short stories, but are a little spooked by the warnings, then this blog post by a writing colleague will give you an idea of what to expect. Not all the stories are feminist horror; some are more like very dark and twisted humor.

Have fun! Heh, heh, heh.

“Mothers’ Daughter.” E- and print published August, 2022 in Issue 4 of Dream of Shadows. Direct link to Amazon. Direct link to blog post. Warning: disturbing content.

“The Trail of Stars.” E-published February, 2016 in Issue 29 of Liquid Imagination. Direct link to story. Blog post.

The Literary Hatchet“Barracuda.” E-published December, 2014 in Issue 10 of The Literary Hatchet. Direct link to download issue. Now in print.  Blog post. Warning: disturbing content.

“Mars Needs Women? Too Bad!” Essay in “Speculative Fiction 2013: The Year’s Best Online Reviews, Essays and Commentary.” Published April, 2014.  Buy links.

“The Brook Beneath the Willow Tree.” Print published January, 2014 in COPING: A Not One of Us Special Publication. Link to blog post and purchase details.

Coping“Furbaby.” Self published October, 2013. Direct link to story.

“The Luck of the Irish.” Self published March, 2013. Direct link to story. Warning: disturbing content.

“My Own Private Apocalypse.” Self published December, 2012. Direct link to story.  Warning: disturbing content.

“Daughter of Man.” Self published October, 2012. Direct link to story.

“Monster.” E-published June 2012 in From The Depths summer issue. Direct link to issue. Blog post.

SpecFic2013“Staycation.” E-published March 2012 in Underground Voices. Direct link to story. Blog post.

“In The Year Twenty Five.” E-published December 2011 in Mark of the Stars blog. Direct link to story. Blog post.

“Trick or Treat.” Self published October, 2011. Direct link to story.

“Zombies of Portland.” Self published October, 2011. Direct link to story.

“Compartment C.” Self Published September, 2011. Direct link to story.

“Served.” E-Published August, 2011 in An Electric Tragedy.  Blog post. Warning: adult content, gross-out humor. Magazine defunct.

Day 78 - Claustrophobia“A Womb of One’s Own.” Print Published August, 2011 in Golden Visions Magazine. Link to purchase information. Blog post. Out of print and defunct.

“Down For The Count.” E-Published May, 2011 in Eschatology. Direct link to story. Blog post.   Magazine defunct.

“Lovehound.” Self Published May, 2011. Direct link to story.

“The Morrigan.” Self Published January, 2011. Direct link to story.

“After The Happily Ever After.” E-Published April, 2010 in SNM Horror Magazine. Direct link to story. Warning: disturbing content. Magazine defunct.

“A Taste of Revenge.” E-Published September, 2009 in Dog Oil Press. Direct link to story.  Warning: disturbing content Magazine defunct.

21 Responses to My Short Stories

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  3. Mario Rarey says:

    Not what I was expecting but nice anyway! Congrats!

  4. Thanks like your My Short Stories |

  5. ljvgarr says:

    Amazing peices! Love the narrative speaker in ‘Taste of Revenge’ is great, really liked the over confident tone.

    Please have a quick look at my short story and poem blog on here

    Let me know what you think!
    All the Best

  6. liciously says:

    Follow me please! Currently busy with a short story: Diary of a fat girl

  7. Arsalan says:

    I read Furbaby. It was good, but as you mentioned it was the cuter side of horror. I have no horror writing experience and probably couldn’t do it. So it seemed compelling to me 😀
    I blog at I’ve recently started writing short stories. Here’s one: Do leave me some feedback 🙂

  8. ciccipie - j. pompei says:

    You had me at – “I’m evil.”

  9. Peace says:

    Do read my blog
    I had published lot many short stories of all genres.
    Let me know our feedback.

  10. I have enjoyed your web blog. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  11. wow your short stories are very eye-opening, definitely will be reading more in the future. :”) thanks for sharing them.
    i currently blog at:

  12. Patt Staples says:

    “I’m evil”…too funny! Keep posting!

  13. Naija And Yonder says:

    Congrats! I just started my short story blog and would love for you to check it out, just subscribed to you email!

  14. Ovie Reya says:

    Congrats! I just started my short story blog and would love for you to check it out, just subscribed to you email! oops I used a wrong email earlier 🙂

  15. sehatinesia says:

    very nice bro,,, hehe visit and read my short love stories

  16. “be quiet now, you naughty girl” invites you to read my a very short story blog at

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  18. I often write articles but more than that I write short stories,which I still don’t understand where to publish these all online .
    can i write or publish my short stories on a any blogging website?
    I really apologize for asking this question but I am very impressed with your style of writing that’s why I thought it appropriate to ask.
    thank you

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